Last summer, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers (ICANN) published an updated Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). The updated RAA contains several changes that we are obligated to comply with and pass down to our respective customers.

The key changes are as follows:

  1. Beginning January 1st, we will begin requiring complete WHOIS data for all gTLD domain name registrations. ICANN has mandated that the address, telephone, and email address be properly formatted. Therefore, beginning January 1st, you must ensure your registrant profile in the proper format. RFCs defining the formatting options are here:

    1. Validate that all email addresses are in the proper format according to RFC 5322 (or its successors).
    2. Validate that telephone numbers are in the proper format according to the ITU-T E.164 notation for international telephone numbers (or its equivalents or successors).
    3. Validate that postal addresses are in a proper format for the applicable country or territory as defined in Universal Postal Union (UPU) addressing format templates, the S42 address templates (as they may be updated) or other standard formats.
  2. ICANN has requested that Registrars verify the Registrant email address associated with gTLD new domain name registrations. Thus, we have outlined our process below for addressing this verification mandate:

    1. Beginning January 1st, all gTLD new registrations processed through Gold-Domain will be subject to email verification. Specifically, we will be focused on verifying the Registrant email address.
    2. When a new domain registration is received, we will send an email to the Registrant email address.
    3. The email will inform the Registrant that they must verify their email address within 15 calendar days of the domain name registration.
    4. If the Registrant clicks the link within this email, we will consider the Registrant as verified (future registrations from this Registrant will not require further verification).
    5. If the Registrant does not verify themselves within the 15 calendar day window, the DNS of the domain name will be taken over and there will be a page on this site listing instructions on how the name can be verified and, as a result, the DNS returned to the previous settings (i.e. their site goes back online).
    6. Once a Registrant contact has completed the verification process, all future new registrations using that same Registrant contact information will be considered verified and will not be subject to the verification process.
  3. ICANN has mandated that Registrars also utilize the above verification process when a domain name Registrant edits their First Name, Last Name, or email address information.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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